Friday, 11 January 2013

You Will Heal, We Have Proof

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Again we just wanted to shout out to my parents for being... and still being so supportive, we love you and couldn't have gone through this without you both!
Jake still has the best skin he feels he has ever had. Not only does he have nice skin, he also has an immune system which is not suppressed, bowels, kidneys, a liver, a heart, and a gut that are now extremely healthy, functional, and not at risk of brewing diseases.

Below are articles worth reading for those who are still trying to find the answer to their worsening eczema. There are more links as you scroll through previous posts.

Indian Journal of Dermatology

Topical Steroid Addiction

Topical Steroid Abuse

Topical Corticosteroid Abuse on The Face

Investigations On Rebound After Using Topical Steroids

National Medical Association - TS Abuse

What Doctors Don't Know About The Drugs They Prescribe


Petition #1

Petition #2

A very strong little girl suffered from Steroid Induced Eczema and Withdrawal.. but she is healing, this is her progress at 1 year.


  1. Great photos! So happy for you and Jake. Doctors take notice!

  2. That poor child! But great to see such amazing progress made!

  3. Hi Libby, what did you give your little girl? I want to know if it has any effect on our heart? My little boy have the same eczema like your girl. Currently we are applying some petroleum jelly on his skin and at the same time he is taking an l-arganine to avoid any effect on his weak heart too. Can you give me an advice regarding this one?

    There will be 3 cash prizes:
    1. $150.00
    2. $100.00
    3. $50.00

  5. Hi! I am a fellow ITSAN supporter. I am 6 weeks into my withdrawal. Currently I am out of work and using my time wisely...I have written an iReport on CNN about eczema and TSW. I want to follow up with some before and after photos of people who have gone through this. One of my other reports is going to be on the front page of on Monday. This will draw potentially thousands of people to my profile and my other articles - so I really want to promote ITSAN as much as possible! If you are willing to share some photos of yourself, please email me at: Thank you!!!

  6. I am overwhelmed by how ignorant some people are of the facts. Does everyone online just ignore their doctors now? You did NOT have steroid induced eczema. That's a B.S. term the fools at Itsan made up. Unbelievable.

    1. Well hello you absolute imbecile :)
      Actually, Steroid Induced Eczema has been a term used by scientists long before itsan. I think you mean Red Skin Syndrome which was the term made up by the doctor who formerly was apart of itsan... And yes, that is a total joke and he has no credibility.
      You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about :) go somewhere else please and post your rubbish

    2. Ps I dare you to rub topical steroids all over your body for a few months :) let's see how you go :)