Thursday, 17 November 2011

Oedema and Eczema

17.11.2012 - Day 4 of Withdrawal

- Insomnia
- Oedema on arms and legs
- Heat coming out of skin
- Eczema all over
- Red Skin

23.11.2012 - Day 10 of Withdrawal

- Improvement in the skin
- Not as much shedding
- Holding moisture in the skin?

26.11.2012 - Day 13 of Withdrawal

- First day going to Network Spinal Analysis
- Finding it hard to work at the golf course

27.11.2012 - Day 14 of Withdrawal

- The skin used to turn into eczema if scratched, now it tares the skin and leaves scratch marks.

29.11.2012 - Day 16 of Withdrawal

- Face looked and felt like it had botox injected
- Very tight and puffy
- Got diagnosed with Golfers Elbow (perhaps it was connective tissue breakdown and oedema)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Decision to Withdraw

Topical Corticosteroid Treatment Sufferers

[Eczema] Reoccurring skin rashes characterised by; Redness, Swelling, Dryness, Flaking, Blistering, Crusting, Cracking, Oozing, Bleeding.
This is the body's way of giving you a signal that something is wrong on the inside 

Whilst reading this, think of the skin and the gut (nervous system) as the same organ. What is happening internally, is reflected externally.

If you have used Topical Steroids on a spot of your body, eczema (skin rash) seemed to have spread over your skin over months/years, and you are using more Topical Steroids to get the same or no relief

If you had eczema on your body, it is getting worse, holds the heat in and you are not getting any relief from the Topical Steroid treatments


If you have not reached this point of addiction YET

Please Read On

Eczema Created By Topical Steroids

Topical Steroids destroy/damage the quality of the NO (Nitric Oxide) in the body.
- NO dilates the Capillaries (Blood Vessels) allowing more blood flow to the heart.
- NO acts as a chemical messenger in the nerves and immune system.
- NO is released to protect and repair the cells in response to the skins exposure to ultraviolet light, infection and injury.

Eczema created by Topical Steroids for treatment of  E.g. Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, Phimosis, Acute Radiation Dermatitis and Lichen Scleroses

Topical Steroids kill the cells, blood vessels and the signal transmitters in between. The skin forgets how to 'act' like skin, leaving a physically damaged and traumatised organ in the body.
Topical Steroids also change the major pathways, where the arrival of a chemical signal to a cell turns into a new pattern of gene expression.
In this case, the hormone (steroid) is applied topically, which activates a series of messengers as shown in the below diagram.

If you have used Topical Steroids to suppress the symptoms of Eczema, you most likely have 2 different types of eczema (skin rash) now.

1) Eczema caused by stimulation or intolerance in the body (the initial reason for using Topical Steroids) explanation below.

2) Eczema caused by Topical Steroid treatment, which has spread more widely then your original eczema.

Link To Powerpoint Presentation on The Affects Of Cortisone

13.11.2011 - Decision to withdraw from Cortisone

Finding Out What Cortisone Does To Your Body Through Withdrawal

Jake, 27 (my partner) a user of Cortisone (Elocon - cream and Prednisolone) and petroleum based product (Dermeze) for 16 years.

Jake's skin had built up resistance from using these products, and found he had to use more and more each time to get the same or no effect. His skin was red, addicted, and he could not live without topical steroids.

Jake was advised by dermatologists to only have cold showers/bleach baths, and has been doing so for the past 3 years. The dermatologists and doctors also advised him to keep using the steroid, and if it wasn't working he should take a more potent steroid. He found that his skin would flare up if he did anything but wash under cold water, and had to be very strict on maintaining his skin every day.
Jake's skin was thinning each day, and it becoming white from the bleach in the bath.

Jake and I had looked into the effects of the products he was using, needless to say, we figured out his body was not in a good position from this drug.

Jake decided to withdrawal from the Cortisone the day the above photo was taken... Yes, his body was covered in eczema... Do you really think the Cortisone had done him any good over the past 16 years??

A few weeks later, Jake consulted with my mother, Doris Were Clinical Nutrition Practitioner (Melbourne, Australia) who advised him of his options and informed him of the effects of sudden Cortisone withdrawal and the long term effects of internal and external Cortisone use.

Jake lived at my parents house for the first 7 weeks of withdrawal from Cortisone so my mum could look after him.

I worked during the day and would drive to the country to sit up with Jake all night whilst he shook, cried and scratched. I held his wrists through the night to stop him from harming himself with his nails. My mum cooked, cleaned, comforted and worked on Jake every day for those 7 weeks.

From the unspoken side affects of Topical Steroids;
Jake's adrenal glands/system nearly failed
His blood vessels were damaged/no longer active
Body cells were the quality of an almost dead persons (tested by a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis system)
Jake had not known for 16 years what normal bowel movements should feel like
Most Lymph nodes clogged/ stopped working
Close to having Lymphoma and Cushings disease
Damaged HPA Axis
Damaged tissue
Very low functioning Liver
Deteriorating Teeth and Bones
Sensitive/unhealthy gums (bled a lot when eating an apple/brushing teeth).
Damaged gut and kidneys

From withdrawing from Topical Steroids Jake has endured
Uncontrollable shivering
Shedding his whole body of skin every day
Suffered from severe oedema
Severe sensations of something 'crawling' underneath his skin
Yellow toxicity secreting out of his skin
2 perforated eardrums
Blurred vision
Memory loss
Adrenal fatigue
1 infected finger and nail loss
Hair loss (over whole body)
Insomnia for 1 month.

Jake's progress through this hell has been a remarkable journey to watch and support, and we are both so grateful of all the doctors, 6 different Network Spinal Analysis practitioners, and of course my parents who have supported and given us every opportunity in the world to heal Jake. We turned to a Paleo lifestyle, the best thing we have ever done.

Jake has used an asthma puffer and preventer for as long as he can remember, and since week 2 of withdrawal he has not has asthma.

Jake has always wanted to wear shorts without feeling self conscious about his bleached white skin and eczema... and we are going to make this happen.

Withdrawing from Cortisone is a very brave thing to do, and I believe it's important to research and find as much physical, medical, emotional and financial support as possible. Put yourself and your immune system in the best possible position to heal.

Many other sufferers are now taking on our treatments for Jake, as he seems to be healing significantly  compared to other withdrawal patients.

Since I started this blog, thousands of people world wide have viewed it. I know there are people out there looking for answers, please connect with us so we can bring awareness to the world of the effects of Cortisone suppressing the symptoms of eczema.

What are we not told about Eczema and the Effects of Cortisone?

The gut lining is shaped like sea anemone, the tendrils are called Villi.
When we digest things such as gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol; it sheer's off (damages) a bit of the top of the Villi in the small intestine 'gut' lining. This would be OK if we were all extremely healthy so the gut could repair, but the Villi repairs very slowly compared to how much damage is caused to it.

When the gut lining is constantly battling toxins from drugs or food that it has trouble tolerating, it cannot repair the Villi quickly enough and the Villi gets more damaged until it flattens out. Fragments of partially digested food begin to leak through the 'Villi wall' lining into the circulatory system.
The lymphatic system cannot clear the blood of these toxins as it is already compromised by metabolic bi-products and the epidermal damage of Cortisone.

The 'itch' is formed by irritation of toxins running in the circulatory system; arteries, veins, heart.

Eczema sufferers describe this feeling as something 'crawling' underneath their skin, therefore the want to scratch from the outside to rip their skin open to relieve the feeling.

In order to fix the 'itch' the gut lining needs to repair, and the liver and kidneys require support to heal and detox.

Doctors prescribe Cortisone to relieve the itch and heal the skin, which in fact suppresses the symptoms of the eczema and overloads the organs with the metabolic bi-products of the Cortisone. The skin becomes reliant on the Cortisone, which damages the whole organ of the skin, not just the part the Cortisone is applied to.
The patient becomes reliant on the Cortisone, and like an addiction it's near impossible to live without it unless you decide to withdraw. 

To heal the gut lining from the leakage from the damage by harsh antigens, dietary and nutritional assistance is needed.
Where as the focus of the medical model is on the symptoms, Nutritional Medicine addresses the eliminatory organs, healing of the gut lining and the factors that impact it. Our doctors don't tell us what the cause is because, really, it's not written in their text book. They prescribe this drug to suppress the symptoms without monitoring the patient by taking regular blood and urine tests, to assess organ function.
The Cortisone damages the HPA axis, body cells, lymph nodes, blood vessels, tissue, adrenal glands, overloads the liver, and creates the possibility of other diseases such as Lymphoma, Cushings Syndrome and connective tissue disorders.

For Information on nutrition relating to Cortisone damage in the body, see Post: Diet and Nutrition;postID=669004450791010201

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