Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Steady Improvement

29.02.2012 - Day 109 of Withdrawal

Dark patches are still coming off (the skin that is stained by the Pine Bark extract.
We are still keeping up the Vitamin B injections 3 times a week, and Vitamin C is down to once a month.
The 'good' skin that Jake has now is much better then he has ever had.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More Energy and Looking Forward

28.02.2012 - Day 108 of Withdrawal

- Hair on head has stopped falling out completely.
- Skin still coming off, Jake doesn't feel as restricted in his movement.
- Jake has great energy and his skin is flexible.

We went to see our friend Fred again today, he seems happy with Jake's progress.
Fred did a 'Neuro Infinity Stress Response Evaluator' test on Jake today. The test showed his subconscious to be a lot more stressed then his conscious. It was interesting, Jake is going to develop some strategies to change his stress responses.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Excitement and Progress

27.02.2012 - Day 107 of Withdrawal

Because Jake's skin is coming off his neck, his neck is not as tight, which means he can turn his neck.... Which means today was his first day driving!! Hooray for Jake!

Pine Bark and Acceleration

26.02.2012 - Day 106 of Withdrawal (night)

Mum Says: 'Don't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat'.

I have realised it is Pine Bark we are using (link is in the Connect to Resources on the right)
Apparently Pine Needle is even better, so we are ordering some.
Pics below - Skin is really coming off, its all detached from the good new skin, the Pine Bark has done something incredible to Jake's skin.
Jake has a lot more movement in his neck tonight, the skin was holding it really tight before.
Made some more cream with mum (what an amazing woman by the way).

Whip this up in the 'Thermo Mix'

Our recipe which we add to Jake's cream:

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Some Positive and Negative

26.02.2012 - Day 106 of Withdrawal

The skin is really 'lifting off' today. The skin underneath is REALLY nice.
I am convinced the Pine Bark extract has helped the old skin lift off the new skin.
Until we get it in liquid form, we have been using Enzo:Professional capsules.
It reads: An Antioxidant and free radical formula. Helps manage oxidative stress. Aids in the maintenance of peripheral circulation. Assists in the maintenance of general well-being. For Vitamin C supplementation. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
AUD $30 Retail for 60 capsules.

This Morning

This Morning

This Morning

This Morning

This Morning

This Morning

Jake is still frustrated about his legs, the skin was pretty much perfect and he scratched it. The skin is not broken, but it will take a couple of days to heal.

Late Afternoon - Old Skin Lifting Off New Skin
Late Afternoon

The rest of the skin on the leg is really good quality. Jake just needs to stop touching.
It does not help that the past 2 days have been 38 degrees and our air con died. 
This Afternoon
This Afternoon

Friday, 24 February 2012

Network and Moving

25.02.2012 - Day 105 of Withdrawal

Jake woke up looking REALLY good today. Especially his face, usually he has shed a little during the night and he looks like an old man.

It was hot last night, and Jake didn't resist from scratching his thighs, so he woke up frustrated he had set them back a few days. We had stopped the Pine Bark for this night too, maybe it was helping with the itch.

Today we went to see our friend Fred who is a Network Spinal Analysis practitioner.
A lot of good changes are happening in Jake's body, I will write about this sometime.
Donald Epstein (Founder of Network) published a book called 12 Stages of Healing, it's a really insightful book.

The Pine Bark extract seems to have advanced Jake's shoulders, neck and chest. The damaged skin (which looks brown in the pictures because the pine needle is desert sand colour) seems to be detaching itself or 'lifting off' and revealing the new good quality skin. It's really bazaar (good bazaar).

I'm so happy for Jake, he is really starting to feel himself now.

Lips have not really pealed today.

< His fingernails have just made the skin a bit raw on the inner thigh, it will be healed in a few days if he stops scratching.

> The dark skin around the chest and neck is just lifting off easily.

Face skin is really nice, tight and supple, woman pay to have skin like this!

Neck skin is starting to lift off. Hopefully in a few days this skin will be like his back skin.