Friday, 24 February 2012

Network and Moving

25.02.2012 - Day 105 of Withdrawal

Jake woke up looking REALLY good today. Especially his face, usually he has shed a little during the night and he looks like an old man.

It was hot last night, and Jake didn't resist from scratching his thighs, so he woke up frustrated he had set them back a few days. We had stopped the Pine Bark for this night too, maybe it was helping with the itch.

Today we went to see our friend Fred who is a Network Spinal Analysis practitioner.
A lot of good changes are happening in Jake's body, I will write about this sometime.
Donald Epstein (Founder of Network) published a book called 12 Stages of Healing, it's a really insightful book.

The Pine Bark extract seems to have advanced Jake's shoulders, neck and chest. The damaged skin (which looks brown in the pictures because the pine needle is desert sand colour) seems to be detaching itself or 'lifting off' and revealing the new good quality skin. It's really bazaar (good bazaar).

I'm so happy for Jake, he is really starting to feel himself now.

Lips have not really pealed today.

< His fingernails have just made the skin a bit raw on the inner thigh, it will be healed in a few days if he stops scratching.

> The dark skin around the chest and neck is just lifting off easily.

Face skin is really nice, tight and supple, woman pay to have skin like this!

Neck skin is starting to lift off. Hopefully in a few days this skin will be like his back skin.

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