Sunday, 16 December 2012

update.. OVER 1 YEAR

So it has been over one year since Jake stopped using Topical Steroids.

Long story short, we came home from Hawaii, Jake's skin flared, he fell into deep depression, my mum and dad took him to their place again and looked after him for another 2 months. (Thank you mum and dad you are incredible xx).
Jake came home to me on he 25th of September, had another flare on the 5th of November but it was not as bad as the one before and lasted about 15 days (4 days of wetness, 4 days of dryness and then the skin came off).
For the past month Jake has felt and looked great. 60% of his body is better skin then he has ever had.
We are really happy.
We became good friends with Josh Josh's Blog , who is also going through TSW. Josh is 3 months into his withdrawal. We had a BBQ with him yesterday and made some footage together. Link below..

Josh, Jake & Lib Video

Merry Christmas to all the sufferers and carers, sending you some love x