Tuesday, 2 April 2013

2.5 Years After Withdrawing from Topical Steroids...

(this post says it is posted in 2013, I have moved it on the calendar just so it sits in the right spot on my blog, but today is the 18th June 2014)
So.. a lot has happened since I last posted..
We have stayed living a Paleo lifestyle, that will never change.
In short, we travelled through Vietnam, came home and started a family (got a dog..a golden retriever.. her name is Rocket), moved interstate to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Adam Scott became no.1... yada yada yada... I add the photos and our most recent ones are at the bottom of this post (now Sept 2016).
I am so proud of everyone who has found us and gone through this struggle to live our better quality of life and health. 
Nothing makes me happier then watching Jake stroll out of the house in a T-shirt and shorts..
I love you Jake!! X

Just this weekend at the Blues Festival at Broadbeach, Qld
Rocket when we first brought her home.

She's all grown up now, 1 year old

Our new bikes :).. that is not Coke I'm drinking, it's a Mango Smoothie mmmmm

Jake and Josh who is also healed.. Josh's Blog

My favourites

Best Golf Coach in the world xx

Heading to set up for the golf Ladies Day..

Rocket comes most places with us

Rocket causing mischief on a Sunday

Our Rocket.... Happiest dog in the world
Jake's new tan line

She can work the camera!
Family Picnic <3

I have no idea who dug up the sprinkler system mum

Jake and my dad


Jakes 30th - surprised him on a boat with his mates and chilled on an island for the afternoon. The beach cricket was my favourite

Rocket's snout and Jake

Jake surprised me with a night at a lodge and horse riding :)


 Jake's terrible tan lines


A Current Affair filming in our home.. interviewing Jake on his journey with eczema.
from 20/01/15, Australia will know of this ever-growing issue.

Me and Josh

we got engaged

April 2016

 Happy guy and girl
Jake's life has completely changed for the better, forever.
This does not mean we don't have to work on health to keep it that way. We have experienced stressful times since the withdrawal, which has brought on regular eczema. The key core things to keep in check are diet, stress management, environment.
We will always strive for better health.



  1. Great to read your update, especially as jake quit steroids the same time as me and I've followed your story from the start.

    You are both such a beautiful couple and your dog is adorable. Enjoy life!

    Much love and best wishes to you both,

    Lou x

    1. Thank you :)
      Love to you and hope you're enjoying life on the bright side also xx

  2. Fantastic update!, thank you. Your blog has kept my spirits high during the dark days of my own withdrawal. Life looks like it's treating you both well and rightly so after what you've been through. Can't wait to get there too;)

    Many thanks for sharing,

    Gary - http://hellboi333.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Cheers Gary, don't ever doubt it, you will get there! you've taken a huge step to change your life and it will happen :)
      Love from us

  3. Thank you so much for the inspiration!! I'm just coming out of a nasty flare in my 8th month, so it's nice to see some hope!!

  4. You were the first blog I found that related so well to my condition..from there I found Itsan.org!! I am 22 months in and healing after flaring non stop for 21 months

  5. So great!! This was one of the first blogs I saw along with Josh's. It was extra wonderful knowing you were all in Australia and that I wasn't the only one and that your outlooks were so filled with hopefulness in something that was goddam terrible on so many levels. These blogs and others really do create such an amazing sense of connectedness I reckon. They've been the difference between feeling desperate and alone to feeling understood and supported, in this experience which is for the most part medically unacknowledged. Great pics!! So fantastic to see that there is a rainbow ...

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  7. It's great post thank you for sharing. your really inspiration for those who facing Eczema problems.

    Much love and best wishes to you both,

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  9. Congratulations on your healing!!

    I just wanted to chime in and add something on top of avoiding steroid treatments for those who don't know.

    Please stop your prescription drug-based approach, these are simply meant to mask symptoms of a more deeper roots issue - the answer lies in nutrition. Eczema is usually caused by gut problems which translates to an inflammatory response and omega-6 essential fatty acid deficiency in the skin.

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