Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Jake Jake, He's The Man, If He Can't Do It - No One Can!

20.03.2013 - Day 131 of Withdrawal

I gave Jake a Vit B injection today.
He is covering up when in the sun for long periods of time.
Sweating is not yet normal, this will happen when the sympathetic nervous system is coordinated with the nervous system.
Sleeping well, good energy and the body knows what it needs to do to keep repairing.

Looking back on everything we have done for Jake, we believe everything has been necessary.
There are so many different complaints for a Cortisone user; chemical imbalance, hormone imbalance, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, destroyed capillaries, dehydrated cells, oedema.. I could go on for ever, but above all, the underlying diseases developing in vital organs and tissues are not very forgiving.

Cortisone withdrawal is not a process to be taken lightly.

A doctor proscribing Cortisone to an eczema patient, and not monitoring the patient on a regular basis by giving blood and urine tests should not be taken lightly either!

We are in contact with many eczema sufferers withdrawing from Cortisone, not ONE of them has been monitored, and some have been on proscribed Cortisone for 30 years straight - with no knowledge of the side affects of the drug! What a disgrace!

What is an even bigger disgrace is our Government supporting these drug companies despite already knowing what Cortisone does to us, and allowing doctors to proscribe Cortisone to people without qualifying the significant first.

All of the below is for someone with Adrenal Fatigue. Jake had about 10 other SERIOUS health complaints apart from this - so you can imagine how much effort my parents and I have put into keeping that smile on his face.

Treatment of adrenal fatigue

"Optimal adrenal health is one of the major keys to the enjoyment of life," according to Dr. Wilson. If you have adrenal fatigue, you can fully live life again by making the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to treat your disorder.
Treating adrenal fatigue is as easy as:
·        Lying down during your work breaks (preferably at 10 a.m. and again anytime from 3 to 5 p.m.)
·        Sleeping until 9 a.m. as often as possible
·        Laughing
·        Exercising
·        Minimizing stress
·        Taking negative people out of your life
·        Eating regular meals
·        Chewing well
·        Doing something fun each day
·        Combining unrefined carbohydrates with protein and oils
·        Avoiding junk food
·        Eating five to six servings of vegetables each day
·        Taking calcium and magnesium supplements
·        Adding sea salt to your diet
·        Taking 2,000 to 5,000 milligrams of vitamin C each day
(Jake was having 3,000mg 3 times a week, now 2 times)
·        Supplementing vitamin E with mixed tocopherols
·        Taking B-complex supplements that are high in B6 and pantothenic acid
·        Adding licorice root extract to your dietary supplement regimen"

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