Sunday, 18 March 2012

Passion and Energy

18.03.2013 - Day 129 of Withdrawal

Some things I leave off the blog for privacy, but I'm happy to discuss with people if they have private concerns.
Jake's hormones are imbalanced, so we will be getting tests done this week.
Feet and hands are improving a lot.
He has lots of energy and still sleeps well at night.
Emotions are up and down during the day, sometimes feeling a little flat when he is uncomfortable at work.
Redness comes up on the forearms and lower calves, but it doesn't get out of control, and its fairly comfortable.
Still keeping up with Vit B injection 3 x week.

Overall we are really happy and the progress is steady.
Spent this gorgeous afternoon at the course.


So Proud Of You Jake! 

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