Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Unnoticed Changes and Feeling Comfortable

21.03.2012 - Day 132 of Withdrawal

Today Jake is feeling good, had a long sleep and has lots of energy.

Today we realised his skin around the chest and arm pits is getting stretchy and there is a new layer coming off.
Jake didn't even notice this was happening, so it's not bothering him at all, the body is just doing what it needs to do.

The skin that was firming up around the neck is now getting saggy/stretchy again, i'm assuming it will come off at some point.
Face is looking good, a little tight around the eyes.

Legs till really nice skin, although Jake seems to be scratching unconsciously as a habit.

His back has not had an issue for a few months now.

Jake did not realise this was happening, it's not bothering him which is great.
The skin underneath is softer then baby skin, its very fragile, he will have to be extremely careful with it until it gets some strength.

As you can see it is happening in patches, it looks really weird.
This has happened since yesterday, so a very quick change.
The body is obviously just doing what it knows to do. The skin underneath seems tight.

The arm crease is coming off again too.

The skin is still really thick around these areas, perhaps the body is trying to rid of what it doesn't need thickness wise.

Hands are repairing well.

Jake doesn't seem to be bothered at all about the skin, so we are just charging on as normal.

We are both really happy and have trust that his body is doing what it knows to do.

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