Saturday, 5 May 2012


5.05.2012 - Day 178 of Withdrawal

Over the past week and a half autumn has suddenly set in and it has become really chilly here.
Jake's skin has changed over the past week again.

His skin suddenly started to sting when he was putting my home made cream on, so with his skin changing he has become sensitive to an ingredient I use. I made a different batch of cream last night, it has Neem oil, Sweet Almond Oil and a few others I can't remember. I made it a little more oily and thinker then usual. Jake is really comfortable with the new cream.

We also went to our homeopath yesterday, he gave Jake something for his itching, and it has definitely made a difference so far. It's called Psorinum, but this is specific to individuals.

Mum worked on Jake last night and did another test on him to find out his progress. Since his last test 8 weeks ago, Jake has lost a kilo of muscle, which makes sense as we stopped his protein shakes because he was getting congestion from my banana dairy free protein shakes. We have now got a different protein shake, which he like's so far.
We are really consistant with our meals, and every meal has a variety and good source of protein, but to sustain Jake's muscle, he is needing the extra protein as his body is still doing a lot of work to repair the insides.

Apart from the loss of muscle, EVERYTHING internally has improved majorly once again; quality of tissue, quality of cells, celular fluid, toxins etc.
Considering Jake's cells were the quality of an almost dead persons at the start of his withdrawal, I'd say his body has done an incredible job to reboot and repair this fast.

My mum has supported Jake unconditionally to the moon and back, and she is helping me help our 'skin friends' through topical steroid withdrawal now aswel. What a gem!! we could not be in better hands.


  1. Ahh your ma sounds lovely! Need a few more like her in the world :-)

  2. Liz, I've found your blog today and am amazed by you two! It's remarkable that you had the strength and courage to take this head on. I've just recently given up cortisone use (for a seborheic dermatitis) after 3 years and I feel much better, mentally and physically, and I'm surprised by the lack of withdrawal symptoms. Hoping for the best!
    Best wishes to both of you!