Sunday, 29 April 2012

Focusing On Our Life Now

29.04.2012 - Day 172 of Withdrawal

Jake is going steady, still not much news. We discussed him still scratching on the lower calve and forearm, as this seems to be whats holding him back.
He scratches when he is sitting down doing nothing, and he feels half of it is mental.
Jake feels very guilty after he has scratched his skin, even on top of his clothes because he can feel the damage afterwards, the skin gets more sensitive and he feels he falls into a cycle so we are going to focus on this.
Jake seems to be in snail progression externally now.
Internally Jake's body has taken a huge beating over the past 16 years from the use of Cortisone, and many positive changes are still occurring with the use of healthy food and supplements.
At some point I will gather all test results and scan them on here to show progression.

I will do a vitamin B shot today.

The past 5 months has been very consuming and exhausting. I feel that I need to step back from the internet and focus a little more on the quality of life that Jake and I had missed out on for those first 3 months. I keep forgetting to post on here, and i have realised this is because we don't think about 'Jake's progress' much anymore... Which my friend tells me is the best kind of progress.

I'm going to post on here maybe once a fortnight, as I really feel I need some space from this subject.

Jake has been and is still on an amazing journey of healing. The human body is not a one stop shop fix, and it's not a one size fits all. Everyone is different and many people react in different ways during this withdrawal.


  1. I think that is the best sign of how good things are that you are forgetting about Jakes skin!

    You have both done amazingly well, dont let the actions of a few make you jaded, most people in the world are lovely, and I live in hope that those that are not, learn to be in time haha!

    And Jelly in the cold weather? Makes me shiver thinking about it!

    Have fun you two x x x x

    1. Hey! Yes, jelly is Jake's 'treat'.

      I just read your post on the forum... hope everything is ok??

  2. Thanks for sharing Liz and Jake. I am not proud of narrow minded people or treating others less than. Please accept my apologies for those who are so ego minded, it is not my way at all. Love you both and pray it is a good long life for you. I am hoping for the shots and infusions to help this crazy 14 month itch so far! I would be so relieved and get so weary after really 21 months, but I used the prednisone and a dab of steroid last March, so I must try and endure. God bless you both. xoxoxo

    1. Hey Joey! Keep us updated on the injections! I'm so excited about your progress.

      Hope you get yourself a stress ball! It helped Jake heaps when he was detoxing trying to move the edema.

      I can't believe you have suffered so long! It's your time for a break!!!