Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Living Life

5.04.2012 - Day 148 of Withdrawal

I have not posted in a while because we have not had internet access, but to be honest I'm happy about that because we've been too busy and having too much fun to think about 'Jake's progress'.

We have gone from doing 3 Vit B shots a week to 2 per week- Jake feels this is enough support for him at the moment.

Still keeping up with healthy diet and nutrients.

Jake is feeling good, energetic, really happy. His skin is improving every day.
His face is a lot more chiseled as it was before the withdrawal. His hair is still growing thick.

A few moments we've had since I last posted-


  1. Honestly, boys are always playing with their balls!

    Glad things are going so good for you both, if you ever fancy a visit over the pond you would be very welcome to come and stay x

    1. Same here hon!

      We will definitely meet up someday in our travels!