Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter to all our Skin Friends!

6.04.2012 - Day 149 of Withdrawal

Happy easter to everyone, we wish you all an itch free weekend, and a restful time with family and friends.

Jake's skin as soon as he got up this morning, he had a shower, no bath and ready for a relaxing day.

Gluten and Dairy Free banana pancakes this morning.


  1. Hi Liza and Jake, you look so good! I long for that after 20 months and sill flaring, ugh. How long has Jake been flare free? I would love to take all these nutrients and am checking into lacto-fermented foods that I used to heal my irritable bowels years ago. I need some new direction here as I still have lots of itching and pain. Want to try medical marijuana lozenges that Kyaro said helped her a lot. God bless you guys! xxx Joey

    1. Thanks heaps Joey!
      Have you maybe tried Hemp cream? instead of the tablet? Ive heard its really good.
      Fermented foods are great, I don't think you should worry about the histamines, i wouldnt imagine it would be affected in a negative way.
      Keep up the good healing xx

  2. Thanks Liz. I am going to try the hemp cream as someone else loves it. I am fermenting a good batch of kraut for 7 weeks now and want to go another couple of weeks so it is rich with vitamins. Could you post a side bar with the the MOST important items you used on Jake so some of us could use them as we can't afford all of them, thanks! xxxxx