Thursday, 12 April 2012



I can't sleep because I'm furious that our Doctors, Dermatologists, Drug Companies and the Government are getting away with MURDER!!!
I am furious that Topical Steroids are being promoted in a good light and are ruining thousands of lives because of our narrow minded medical model.
Take a look at the below links

Topical Cortcosteroids Safe To Treat Eczema In Children

Steroid Creams Won't Thin The Skin of Kids With Eczema

Desperate For A Cure
This poor little girl has been slathered in Topical Steroids and CLEARLY IT IS MAKING HER WORSE

Another Horrifying Withdrawal Story
'In October 2011, I found out he had been arrested after an infant developed drug-induced cushing's syndrome. The authorities found corticosteroids in the cream he was distributing (which I was still using) and arrested him.'

Topical Corticosteroid Overuse


  1. Aye, and the more you look the more you see. If you look at any of the eczema support groups on facebook I think about 95% of the kids use topical steroids. There are lots of 'red' children who have incurable, full body eczema. One lot of lovely ladies decided on looking at boys pictures that I was a 'child abuser' and 'open to prosecution'. Attitudes need to change, and the changes are best made with the children, before the cortisone dependency starts. I veer through anger and disappointment. But every person that connects has the capability to reach out to another.

    1. Its Disgusting!!
      And yes totally agree. And what?! who is this group of ladies!? I'll hunt them down!

  2. The proof is out there! I'm finding articles like this every day and they prove that steroids are poison. Our collective experience shows the damage they can do. Liz and Jake you are doing a great job telling people about this. Glad Jake is feeling so much better. He stopped the creams about the same time as me, so he is my "skin twin"!

    1. Hey Louise! How are you!?

      Great to see all your research and support for this cause.


  3. Hey Liz, yeah its frustrating to read all these stupid articles...It makes me angry too, so I rather just write the blog and dont pay too much attention to all this false information, cause its useless..I think we are doing the only good thing we can do...raising awareness of this poisons with our blogs...Love XXX

    1. Hey gorgeous!
      I'm LOVING your blog!..although sometimes I have no idea what is going on in your world with the language barrier!
      Talk soon x