Tuesday, 17 April 2012

He's A Happy Boy

17.04.2012 - Day 160 of Withdrawal

Jake played 18 holes with the boys today, he sent me the below photo.
Jake is happy doing what he loves. Enough said :)


  1. Bless them, boys never outgrow playing with their balls to they ;-)

    Glad he is out having fun, I need to sort Joel's hands out a bit more, what do reckon on wet wrapping, and if I do what do you think I should use instead of 50/50, is it worth trying coconut oil or calendula cream??

    1. Hey hon,

      Everything natural in my opinion is worth a shot.

      We have found so many things to work, the coconut, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, calendula, pine needle...
      I still think its important for the skin to be able to breath, so I never wet wrapped Jake's hands. There were just nights where his hands were so sore, just a small bit of air would hurt them.. I'd feed him dinner and be 'his hands' to give them a rest and time to heal.

      I think its really important to let the air in, but not let the skin dry out. Jake still carries a small tub of moisture with him 24/7 incase his hands get dry, and if they do, he is straight onto it.


  2. I just feel I need to do something for his hands and shin, the doctor made me feel bad :-( maybe will call the homeopath again, he seemed to think the calendula would help but doesnt seem to help with those patches.

    Funny enough they are not bothering Joel at all, I think he wished they looked better but he says they dont hurt or anything?

    Joel has a little bag that goes everywhere with us, it made me laugh as when I met Elaine (sophie's mum) she had an almost identical one!