Friday, 23 March 2012

Most Comfortable Skin So Far

23.03.2012 - Day 134 of Withdrawal

Today we had a 2 hour Skype conference with 3 others who are going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal. It was really great to talk of our experiences and share with one another what treatments we use.
We are going to do this more often and many others are taking on board our treatments for Jake's healing.

Went to see our doctor today, Jake had Vit C IV and a few 'maintenance checks'. All seemed positive.
We also will be getting blood tests done next week.

Made more cream today, last 10 Liters lasted Jake 2 weeks today.

Jake is the most comfortable he has been in his skin for many months.

The water that is used to mix in with the cream - we use purified water, boil it and then let it cool.

Vit C 

Grandpa Jake
Retreating To Mum & Dads - Such a Calm Home

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