Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hooray and Woohoo!

4.3.2012 - Day 114 of Withdrawal

Made more cream at mums today, at the moment Jake is going through 5 liters per week.
Jake still moisturises his whole body morning and night, and carried his small tub turing the day to re moisturise his hands, feet, arms and shoulders.

Since mid November 2011, I have washed the bed sheets every. single. day. because of the oil, moisturiser and skin left in on the sheets over night.
Tonight is our first night re-using the sheets from last night, as there is nothing wrong with them, yay!

Jake is still feeling great energy, sleeping well, motivated, he has even been dancing a lot.

These two photos are of him as soon as he got up this morning... Look at that punam, so cute.

Making the cream at mum's today. We are still using heaps of liquid antioxidants, oils and vitamins in the cream.