Monday, 12 March 2012

Happiness and Gratefulness

12.03.2012 - Day 123 of Withdrawal

Everything is going great, we are both feeling really settled and happy.

Jake's skin continues to improve every day.
I gave him a B shot today.

We are both feeling grateful Jake has his health, which he nearly didn't.
Jake is such a stronger person because of this now.

Jake's skin is still quite thick from the rebuild of the whole organ, but it is starting to level out now.
The 'loose' skin he had around his joints after he had the oedema has really started to tighten up now.
Most people we have come in contact with who are going through withdrawal have had this same issue, but it does tighten back up again.

Time to really start living life to the fullest! We deserve it!

Go Jake! I'm so proud of you!! xxxx

Protein shake recipe - 2 x day

Jake's sketch which has been on our fridge for months. We can't wait until our trip to Hawaii!


  1. Jakey!

    I simply cant believe what im reading pal. i had no idea what youve been going through. this seriously is as amazing as it is educating. never would i have thought something so 'simple' from an outsiders point of view, could be so complex and challenging. i am definitely pulling for you mate and am now and advocate of withdrawal! I'll tell anyone who will listen.

    Mark Wilson

    1. Hi Mark,

      Great to hear from you, really appreciate your support.

      Funnily enough we were just talking about you last night as we had dinner with Gred and Biv Gilson.

      What are you up to these days? I'm still at Yarra doing a bit of work if you ever want a hit mate just let me know.

      Hope you're doing really well,
      Talks soon mate,