Thursday, 8 March 2012

Connecting With Yourself and Feeling Power

8.02.2012 -
Day 119 of Withdrawal

Still on track, Jake had his homeopathic again this arvo, and a couple hours later his arms started to look red, but it subsided within 2 hours.

We are going to go back and talk to our homeopath about it.

Apart from that today was just like every other day with progress and Jake has heaps of energy. Saw Fred again today, Jake was feeling really relaxed afterwards. The skin on Jake's neck is incredible. It is never itchy, so soft and life like (his neck always looked a bit damaged from the cortisone before).
Jake uses his breathing to calm him down if he is ever feeling anxious  or scared. Slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth, putting hands on the stomach and just feeling the breath flow in and out. It sounds simple but it works to calm him down.

Jake happy (relieved) to take the wheel when his hands are not hurting.

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