Monday, 5 March 2012

Suden Change, Uncertainty and Fear

5.03.2012 - Day 115 of Withdrawal

Yesterday we used the new Pine Needle extract.
Jake accidentally ate 1/3 of a gluten sausage last night - First time he has had any gluten since the start of withdrawal. 
He is feeling stressed. We have yet to find someone who has made it through the withdrawal symptoms  this fast, which he finds a mental challenge thinking he could be the first. Jake's skin has flared up.
Jake scratched all night in his sleep, it does not surprise me because stress is closely related to this condition. Stress affects the body internally, and when someone is so fragile in the small intestine, stress elevates it's intolerance's. Something has irritated him anyway. 
I don't believe it is the new Pine Needle, because if there is a bad reaction with a new substance he feels it instantly- this was 15 hours later.
We feel that this is a reaction from emotional stress combined with a setback in diet.
Jake's skin is still very fragile, we are doing everything we can to calm him.
He is itchy where the redness is - but not bad eczema itchy. 
He does not have a desire to touch his neck, and since the alligator skin came off, its really soft beautiful skin - no redness.
Hands are healing quicker now.

Flare? Stress/Intolerance

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