Sunday, 4 December 2011

Shedding Skin and Desperate Measures

4.12.2011 - Day 21 of Withdrawal

- Shedding all his skin
- Started with back, then stomach, arms, legs, then neck and hands
- Started having warm baths instead of just cold water, skin can tollerate this now

- Moisturised his whole body and wrapped him with glad wrap in hope to keep the moisture in because his skin was just falling apart, were very fearful of what was happening to his body
- Body convulsing from withdrawal during day and night
- Tried mixing Manuka Honey into our natural cream mix, it irritated Jake a bit so I stopped using it.

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  1. I've stopped using cortisone creams also and drinking smoothies/juicing for 4 months now. My skin is shedding like crazy and is all over. I've started using coconut oil. Did the shedding end?